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:: Port fleet 99 do jobs quickly,quality,safety and at competitive prices !
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anchor-wmaster (5K) Handling operation with floating crane

Port fleet -99 self-propelled Floating crane with elevating capacity of 100 tons range of services includes:

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  • Handling operation of composite strucrures, containers and other heavy volumetric cargoes and their transpotation on crane board from berth to the vessel's board and/or back; or direct loading /discharging to the berth/at ship.
  • Discharging of cars and other cargoes from vesel anckored on port road and their transportation to the berth on crane board
  • Lifting on stocks and lowering ships, yachts and other objects
  • Taking part in assembly operations throught supporting precast units
  • Operations with grap for excavation of sea bottom throught scraping of earths mass, stones, clay
  • Discharging operations of cargoes in bulks
  • Drawing of sunked objects out of the sea bottom
The continuous efforts to improve the organisation and quality of work, together with the flexible trade policy make Port of Varna the best established and profitable Bulgarian port. In 2001 Varna was a Number One in handling of dry cargo in the country... see more in www.port-varna.bg
Port Varna
One of the night manoeuvres
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