Порт Флот 99 Варна


The company’s scope of activities includes:
• towage and manoeuvring for vessels and floating equipment in the area of the ports of Varna – East, Varna – West, PChMV, Odesos – PBM, PETROL, Ferry Complex Port Terminal, TPP – Varna, Lesport, Balchik and the areas of all the ship repair yards in the region of Varna;
• salvage operations;
• fire protection.

PORT FLEET 99 has 7 tugboats with a pull force from 14 to 30 tonnes and a power from 1200 to 2450 hp which enable manoeuvring operations of vessels of big gross tonnage, as well as manoeuvring and evolutions in confined waters, dock facilities, canals, etc. The tugboats are stationed in different port areas in order to be available for deployment within 10 minutes and within 5 minutes in emergency situations.

After submitting a request for manoeuvring, PORT FLEET 99 AD provide the mandatory minimum number of tugs and total bollard pull for performing each maneuver, determined by Part V. Rules for the use of tugboats from Order No 1 by the Director of Maritime Administration Directorate – Varnaand additional guidelines, orders or written resolutions by the Director of Maritime Administration Directorate – Varna for specific types of vessels and in certain cases. Влекачите се явяват при подхождането на плавателния съд на входа на съответното пристанище или кейовото място, където е пристанал плавателен съд. Маневрите се извършват под ръководството на пилот от Пилотска станция-П ЕООД .